Beyond “U R A QT Pie”

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o, now that we’ve made our valentines, who do we send them to? And what do we say inside that isn’t ridiculous? Here are my thoughts for this year’s bunch of cards:

Single friends. I heart my single friends. They are simply the best.

There always seems to be something new and exciting going on in their lives–new career path, new boyfriend, moving to Africa…

And no babies means their lives aren’t shaped by nap time, so planning to hang out is a lot easier.

Plus, they have more romantic drama than I’ve seen in years. Wahoo!

Sorry, single friends. I love you and I’m praying for your future husbands. Until then, I selfishly enjoy your fantastic dating drama.

They’ve been there for me through my own dating drama and life issues and have been so great about loving on my babies.  I’m sure it’s not always easy being friends with someone in the life stage they might desire to be in. But, they’ve blessed me with their friendship nonetheless.

So, I plan to send my cards to these precious girls and tell them why I love and appreciate them. I’m pretty passionate about the power of words to do good or harm in people’s lives.

Most of the time, though, I think we just don’t take the time to say the good stuff. We think things but don’t say them.

One of my personal goals is to be intentional to speak words of life to others. And, in what better context to speak them than holiday that can be the least fun for the single girls in my life?

Who in your life could use encouragement? What do you specifically appreciate about them?

Let’s use this Valentine’s Day to start a habit of saying what often goes unsaid–whether it’s with a pretty card, a sweet text, or even a phone call.

*This post was originally written on Feb 9, 2012. But, I’m pretty sure I still have friends out there (single or otherwise) that could use some words of encouragement this Valentine’s Day.

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