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It’s no secret that Farm Town is not where I wanted to end up.

My husband’s company is headquartered here, so we always knew it was a possibility, though I spent my days in Texas trying not to think about it.

Almost two and half years later, its slower pace, open skies, four distinct seasons, and cows have grown on me.

Actually, the cows had me at hello. One of our neighborhood’s greatest assets is its proximity to a small farm down the road.

While any place could probably endear itself to me just by letting me stick around for more than 18 months, Farm Town really does have some beauty to be found.

Sometimes, I pack up the babies and camera, turn on fun music (today’s selection was classical because no. more. words. sounded really fun), and go looking for it. Other times, it finds me.


One of the many cows we greet through car windows.


Because tulips are such a lovely spring surprise.


The horsies receive nearly as much attention from my children as the cows.


View from my friend’s backyard.  Big sister ran inside to see friends; Buckaroo wanted to go exploring. I started to corral him, then thought the better of it.

We wandered down to the dock and enjoyed I what call an “Anne of Green Gables moment.” Just a few minutes of quiet with only the trees, water, and the little man.


I like to imagine what secret gardens are behind this little gate.

What beauty have you found lately?

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • Brenda V.

    Add to the fall ‘to-do’ list……………… plant more bulbs! My daffodils are fantastic, but the tulips are taking their sweet time. But the good news is, I’ve a Mommy Robin, for at least the 4th year, nesting right out on my front porch beam. Every time we open the door, she flies off, lands on a nearby Douglas Fir and waits. More beauty… I just got a new lawn mower and you should see the grasses around here, talk about a secret garden. Which, by the way, I’m trying to build 1 of my own out front, bottom of the steps and near fern hill. I’ll keep ya posted w/ pics. That’s it for now!

  • The first year we were in Oklahoma I was surprised when I stumbled on beautiful things…now I realized I needed to adjust my perspective a bit. I love taking a drive and realizing how far I can see, and the rocky hills popping up from the plans, especially when they are covered in fog. Maybe I’m extra-sentimental because we are leaving? Either way, I’m grateful for our time here.

    • Yes! The whole seeing for miles thing is something I love too. At first all I could see was the lack of trees, but there’s a certain beauty about open spaces. How long till you move?

      • That’s how I felt too when we first got here! Now I miss the openness when I go into a heavily wooded area. The boys and I will head out at the end of July so we can be there in time for the start of school, and my husband will follow sometime in September.

  • Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday

    I’ve enjoyed our flowers so much this spring–I don’t have time for a flower garden, but I’ve got established flowers that are fool-proof, yet beautiful–daffodils, redbud and dogwood trees, lilac, iris, peonies and soon magnolia blossoms.

  • An Anne of Green Gables moment?! What a perfect way of describing it. I think when you deliberately look for beauty, you will always, always find it.

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