April’s Lessons Learned


pril’s lessons come to you a bit belatedly, but still pregnant with wisdom for daily living.

Ok, not really.

More like full of Easter, homeopathic, and web-related knowledge peppered with irrelevant (to you) facts about my toddler’s fort-making preferences.

But then this cataloging of lessons (inspired by Emily’s monthly posts) learned is more of a personal exercise in recounting the month’s happenings than anything. That it exercises my mommy-brain at all is helpful. I hope.

What I Learned in April

1.) Celebrating the risen Lord with eggs and bunnies isn’t (quite) as much of a non sequitur as I’d originally supposed. Thank you, Michael Hague’s Family Easter Treasury  book.

2.) Hubs takes his Easter egg-hiding assignments very seriously. I had to tell him, “think toddlers, not the Mossad.” I think we found a happy medium because in the end, all eggs but one were successfully recovered.

3.) Garlic has amazing healing powers, but all the garlic in the world can’t help you if you don’t get enough sleep. Taking extra good care of yourself for 2 days when you get sick is much more effective than barely pausing and staying sick for 3 weeks.

PS, in desperation to kick a bug via natural means, I even put garlic poultices in my socks overnight. The socks were on my feet, not in their drawer, if that wasn’t clear. I have no idea how effective it was because I wasn’t resting enough, but I’ve heard other people have seen more impressive results than a garlic-saturated bedroom.

4.) The legitimacy of the word “learnings” is hotly debated. I have not committed to a side in this argument. Though I used it (with some discomfort) here, I am inclined to avoid it in the future.


5.) My daughter’s penchant for all things cozy means no light must penetrate any fort/tent/etc. we make her. I built this tent (shown above, inspired by this) for Bun on her 3rd birthday, but a remodel has been requested. Sigh.

6.) Body brushing exists, has crazy health benefits, and feels great.

7.) I am evidently so particular about fabric (and most things aesthetically-oriented) that I can’t just buy a new ironing board cover at Target. I have to get it from Etsy. Really.

8.) I am not quite so terrible at math as I’d thought. When Hubs said he turned 399 months old this month, I started doing mental calculations. I stopped after multiplying 2 by 3, but was pretty sure he was wrong. Later, I was vindicated by the trusty calculator (he’s 396 months). Maybe I won’t have to outsource 2nd grade home-school math after all.

9.) There’s something out there called a password manager. It securely stores your usernames and passwords to any site (as opposed to trusting the sites to encrypt the passwords, which evidently they don’t all do). And this one is free.

10.) Pod-casting exists. And there are apps for it. Who knew? Yes, you probably did. I, who was likely born in the wrong century, had not yet tapped this lovely resource-which now serves as the soundtrack to my dish-washing. This and this are my favorite ones so far.

Do you have a favorite podcast? And/or what did you learn in April?

About Jenn

Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • Alex Sudan

    body brushing, huh?? i need to get me one of those brushes!! esp while i’m on bedrest! 😉

    • Do it Al! It’s great.

  • What a great spot for your daughter! Those three year old opinions are killers, aren’t they? I want to build something like in the backyard, part tipi, part sunshade, part only-stay-in-the-tipi. We’ll see how it goes. =)

    • Our house is teeming with opinions…

      I like the “only-stay-in-the-tipi.” 🙂