Hello, I’m Jenn. I’m a mama to three littles, wife to my best friend, native Texan, and current owner of zero cats. I hope to remedy that last one as soon we get more settled in our new home.

We recently moved–for the 12th time in 11 years–from a small Midwestern farm town to Atlanta. While Farm Town grew on me and I was sad to leave, it feels good to be in the South again.

After teaching high school for six years, I now homeschool my kindergartner (Bun), which often looks like read-alouds by the fire, math games on the floor, and lots of nature walks.

Preschool with little brother (Buckaroo) looks like tagging along on all of the above, plus loads of trains and mud. Oh, the mud.

And then there’s Baby, who brings us so much joy. And destruction.

I like to read, travel, play Balderdash, and fill my home with friends or soon-to-be friends. I’m an ENFJ and Enneagram type 2. I aspire to speak more Spanish, lead a crusade against the rampant misuse of the apostrophe (join me??), and spend my life well.

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Making A Simple Haven

We’ve called many places home– a 450 square foot Chicago apartment, other more luxurious apartments (read: they featured dishwashers and air conditioning), a city townhouse, a friend’s guest room, a 1960s beauty, new construction in the middle of cornfields, and now a work-in-progress nestled in the woods.

Through all of these, I’ve learned that any four walls can become warm and cozy. And if I can make them such, I find I’m more apt to invite others in.

Wherever I am, I want to choose contentment and pursue hospitality, not letting imperfections prevent me from opening my home and life to others. I simply want to create a haven for my family and all who enter–while focusing on blessing, not impressing.

Amidst daily life at home and all of its tasks, messes, and challenges, I want to find beauty and joy and hold onto them for dear life. If there’s anything I’ve learned through all of my moves, it’s to keep my eyes on the good–and the God who gives the good.

So, welcome to my little online home! I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you stick around.

Frequently Asked Questions

(ok, “frequently” is a bit generous)

Q: Do you have any secret skills?
A: Yes. I can do a surprisingly realistic cat-in-a-burlap-sack impersonation. And if we’re friends, I can probably tell you your MBTI.

Q: Would you rather stay home alone with your three children for a week or take them on a cross-county road trip to Texas?
A: Road trip all the way. The baby was seven weeks old. Daddy was out of town. I was maybe a little crazy. And hormonal.

Q:What’s up with the Amazon links?
A:I want to make it easy for you to find books or other products I mention in posts, which are only items that I own or would recommend to a friend.  If you purchase anything through the links, I receive a small (small) commission, at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting A Simple Haven!