A Playlist for Everything: The Evening Sweep

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he day is winding down and I’m barefoot, washing dishes, sweeping the crumbs, and gazing out my kitchen window at the setting sun. The babies are approaching slumber, or from the squawks of protest floating down the stairs, are at least contained in their cribs.

This is my second favorite time of day (only the early morning hours supersede it in my heart) and I often spend it doing some of my favorite things—rocking on the front porch with the Hubs, reading a good book, or writing for a bit.  It may also at times include some laundry folding in front of Downton Abbey/other period film on Netflix.

But when I’m just puttering around the kitchen, cleaning up the remnants of the day’s activities and preparing a clean slate for tomorrow’s lovely messes, I like to turn on some tunes like these.

It is, admittedly, a 90’s-heavy collection, but full of timeless themes, some incredible female voices, at least one 40’s throw back, and, of course, the best U2 song ever written.  Besides 40.

Anyway. I give you:

Music For Sweeping Crumbs To

Settler by Balmorhea :: Have I mentioned this one before?  If so, I can only say that it belongs on every list, everywhere.

Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra :: Also a fan of Penguin Cafe’s Music for a Found Harmonium (i.e. closing song on Napoleon Dynamite)

Solar System by Bill Mallonee and the VOL ::  Saw him play this live in a Belfast pub, which was the biggest treat.

With or Without You by U2 ::  Maybe not lyrically my favorite U2 song, but by far my favorite tune.  I was never a big watcher of Friends, but the thinking of the episode where Ross asks a radio station to play this song for Rachel still makes me laugh.

Eileen’s Song by Burlap to Cashmere :: In my opinion, one of the prettiest songs ever.

All I Need is Everything by Over the Rhine :: Karin Bergquist’s voice is incredible.

Rain by Patty Griffin :: I am forever indebted to the college friend who introduced me to Patty.

Where Will I Be by Emmylou Harris :: Emmylou is another folky fav.

Sway by Dean Martin :: I like to throw in this one in case Hubs walks by and spontaneously decides to revive his ballroom dance skills.  Thus far, it has not inspired such spontaneity.  But I hold onto hope.

***Bonus: If you can sweep and view, there’s always this. Sorry, I’m not over it yet.

 What are your favorite songs to wind down the day with?

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • I love the evening hours! Especially if there’s a breeze to cool off the house. If its pre-bedtime, I love Of Monsters and Men. I played them almost nightly through the winter. If it’s post-bedtime, I’ve been playing Alanis Morrissette a lot lately.
    And now I must go listen to U2. =)

    • Haven’t heard of Of Monsters and Men! Off to check them out :). And, yes, you must always listen to U2 :).

  • Christy

    I’ll think of my songs beyond JT and reply with a post and tag your blog in it! 🙂 Was I the friend who introduced you to Patty or was it Allison? Brock got me into Patty in college with a “Staats … you have to hear her.. you would cover her songs well!”

    Did I tell you I am seeing her finally for the first time ever live the night I get into Newcastle in July?! She is playing at my gorgeous Sage – the best venue in town. 🙂

    • Yay that you get to see her live! It was actually Mike H. who gets credit for the intro. 🙂

      • Christy

        Ooohhh was it! There were just a whole bunch of us with good music taste back at Miami weren’t there. 🙂 I am so excited. i wish you could be with me for the gig!

  • Elizabeth

    Fun pop songs feel best during these summer late afternoon/early nights to me. Nothing too specific – just put on Pandora and see what comes on 🙂

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