A Few of My Favorite Things for Winter

Favorite Things for Winter | A Simple Haven

ere in Farmtown, we’re experiencing temperatures I had previously only read about in Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Did I say 25°F was the new 50°F? Then 12°F is the new 40°F. Because 12°F felt tolerable the other day.

While I’m generally up for braving the elements, this winter we are inside more days than not. And so I continue to find ways to make it through these cold, dark days without just wishing them away.

Here are some of my favorites.

Favorite Things for Winter

Winter Greenery | A Simple Haven

A Bit of Greenery Inside

With everything dormant and covered in white outside, I need bits of green life inside.

My fern is pretty wilty at this point, but I still enjoy her. And isn’t that moss boot fabulous? Thanks, Mom.

One of my February goals is to buy fresh flowers more often. Trader Joe’s, I miss you and your $5 bouquets.

Baskets of Books | A Simple Haven

Baskets of Books

I am passionate about quality children’s books and reading to my kids, but I have to make it really convenient. Hence, a basket of books in every main living area.

I rotate them around, periodically pulling forgotten ones from Bun’s bookshelf and throwing them in the mix. Some new favorites are A Time to Keep, The Pantone Colors Book, Roxaboxen, and the Frances series.

(Confession: I am the biggest Frances fan in the family. I snort-laugh my way through them).

Bun can often be found on the couch “reading” to her dolls and bunnies. I have to constrain my laughter at her combining of Bible stories with Miss Rumphius and Frances: “There once was a girl named Alice who lived in Jericho. She marched around the city and had a party. Hey! Where’s the cake?”

“Tea” Time

À la Sally Clarkson, I gather my babies every day at 11-ish for tea. We pour water into plastic tea cups, serve a snack of raisins, and turn on Chopin. Then we cozy up at their little table to read a story or two.

Buckaroo inevitably pours his water all over the table, then gleefully sprints to the bathroom for a refill. Bun requests a second helping of snacks after about three pages. There’s generally a squabble before I’m finished with book two.

It’s never completely ideal.

But somehow, this simple ritual has become a kind of anchor in our days.

Beach Toys for Snow Play | A Simple Haven

Beach Toys for Snow Play

Back in July I watched, stunned, as my very active children remained in the same spot for nearly thirty minutes. The magical attraction? The beach. And sand toys.

I don’t know why I didn’t transfer this concept to our polar vortex sooner. If it’s warmer than 20, we’re in the yard, making “snowcastles” with pails and shovels.

Harney and Sons Holiday Tea

Harney & Sons Holiday Tea

Two little elves put my favorite tea in my Christmas stocking; they remind me of the fact whenever I drink it.

I’ve been buying it for years but usually reserve it for Christmastime. But this long, cold winter has called for extra treats.

British Mystery Novels

With Hubs’ grad school back in session, Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers have been my evening companions as of late. I’ve so enjoyed curling up in front of the fire with a cup of tea, a treat, and a whodunit set in lovely places like Somerset and St. Mary Mead.

At least, I imagine them to be lovely. It’s England, right? They have to be.

What are some of your favorite things on these cold winter days?

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Jenn is a mommy of three and wife to her best friend. She enjoys good books, dinner guests, elevenses, and proper apostrophe use.

  • Christy

    All of that sounds just lovely. 🙂 England is always lovely. Miss you friend. x

  • Oh, I’m just learning to drink tea! I blame Downton Abey! What’s your favorite kind and how do you drink it?

    • Hey Lori! For black teas, I really like that Harney and Sons Holiday Tea or a basic Earl Grey.
      But lately (and I think I can trace this back to Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog :)) I’ve also gotten really fond of Rooibos tea. It’s herbal and doesn’t have any caffeine, but has a nice flavor. I’ve been buying this one: https://www.azurestandard.com/shop/product/6375//

  • Brenda Venable

    I’ve decided that I’m not of fan of temperatures in the teens, I like the 20s the best, the 30s are just too warm. And you can have anything w/ a – in front of it. Dad will definitely have to put the snow blower on this weekend, we’re finally getting some of the white stuff in larger quantities. Dad loves it!
    Keep warm and snuggle up w/ the babies in front of the fire. Can’t wait!

  • Oh yes to all of this! I have three bouquets of flowers in my home right now. Tulips being one of them. I split up those grocery store bouquets to spread the joy around. And British books (and movies and shows, ahem, Downton) are somehow most fitting in the winter.
    Yes, yes to the teatime!! We did last winter/year and I’ve fallen out of the habit but I know it needs to be brought back. Loved this post. =)

    • Tulips! I’m putting those on my list :). And I agree about British books, though I couldn’t really say why…

  • Christy

    Jenn to you and all your friends who love England.. Lol. A very different side of England. Can you understand this child? Welcome to Yorkshire. Yawwwkkkksha.