31 Days of Living Boldly :: Day 1

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Welcome to 31 Days of Living Boldly!

Scroll on down to read Day 1. I’ll be adding the links to the other days as they’re up!

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Day 1 :: Boldness Defined

Boldness. It probably brings a myriad of images to mind. Here’s how I’m defining it:

31 Days of Living Boldly | A Simple Haven

In lieu of big goals and resolutions for 2014, I chose one word to be the theme of my year: Bold.

I wasn’t sure what a commitment to boldness was going to look like, but it felt right. It felt like an exciting experiment, actually.

An Experiment

What if…

I chose to act in hope instead of in fear? In small, everyday situations as much as in big momentous ones?

I chose to believe that–given that I’m acting with some shred of wisdom as well as boldness–the worst that can happen really isn’t that bad? That my anxieties are often more unfounded than not?

What would happen? Would I be pleasantly surprised by the results of bolder actions? Or would I fall on my face?

A Disclaimer

Because we all have different hopes and fears, acting boldly will look differently for each of us. My version of bold isn’t going to be the same as yours.

In fact, you may laugh at some examples of how I’ve attempted to live boldly this year–either because you’d never fear what I fear or because you think I’m crazy for doing what I did.

(It’s ok. Laugh on).

But it’s not the specifics that matter most. It’s the general principle: acting in HOPE, despite the presence of FEAR.

I’m planning to be pretty darn honest with you about my life this month. And that feels bold to me.

However, I’m trusting that the hope that has carried me through this past year will carry me through the month of October.

For me, that hope is based in the trust there’s a good God who loves me and will somehow bring good even from the mess, the hard parts, the junk.

A Spoiler

Spoiler alert: my year of living boldly ends well.

At least so far.ย  But I’ve only got three months left, right?

Turns out boldness is good for my soul. It opens doors to amazing experiences, builds faith, is healthy for relationships, and helps me shake off perfectionism.

This month, we’ll chat about boldness at home, in relationships, in parenting, and in life in general.

It’s my hope that by the end of October, hope will seem bigger and fear smaller.

Any thoughts on boldness? And will you be doing a 31 days series? Please share if so! ๐Ÿ™‚





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