3 Favorite Natural Skin Care Products

3 Fav Skin Care Products | Day2Day Joys

Skin care products and I have a long history. I’ve always struggled with breakouts and have tried just about every oral or topical product suggested by dermatologists.  I’ll get patches of dryness brought on by winter weather or said products.

And as far as cleansers go, my tendency has been to use scrubs or harsh ones that have probably done more harm than help.

I’ve spent way more time and money than I’d like trying to figure out an effective skin care regime–and the results have never been stellar.

Until this year.

Now, this isn’t some complete transformation story. My skin is far from perfect.

But thanks to some dietary changes, a good probiotic, and more natural skincare products, it’s way better than it has been in the past.

And now I have the satisfaction of knowing I’m not putting junk on my face that’s making it worse or loads of chemicals that are getting absorbed into my body.

I’m also spending a modest amount, which feels good too.

So…my top favorite natural skin care products. Check ’em out over at Day2Day Joys today.


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