On Christmas Birthdays & A Lindsay Letters Giveaway

The only preference I ever had about babies and timing was no Christmas babies, please. I had always imagined that laboring, delivering, recovering, taking care of a newborn, and then figuring out how to properly celebrate the kid’s birthday near Christmas would be…lame. Despite my best-laid plans, I find myself the mother of two boys,  …continue reading

A Simple Thankfulness Tree

In light of baby #3’s upcoming arrival, I’ve been planning for Christmas since mid-September–and now I’m nearly through with all of my shopping. Thanksgiving preparations, however, are a different matter. Thankfully (pun intended…groan), as we were graciously invited to join in some friends’ Thanksgiving in Chicago, my responsibilities are minimal: make an apple pie. And  …continue reading

10 Books Worth Putting on Your Kids’ Christmas Lists

I know, I know. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I hear you. Usually, I restrain all the Christmas stuff until we’ve been properly grateful. But with baby #3’s arrival quickly approaching, I’m determined to have all of my Christmas shopping done long before Thanksgiving and all decor up the day after. We’re keeping Christmas plans  …continue reading

A Favorite Smoothie, Made Green

Being 32 weeks pregnant means that I’ve entered “prepare for arrival” mode. While I probably still have several weeks to go, a sense of urgency always wells up in me around this time to stock up on household goods, complete projects, and pack my body full of nutrition. I guess this is what “nesting” looks  …continue reading